Code of Ethics


  • conventional rules of manners
  • unwritten code forbidding unprofessional conduct

Competitions can be loads of fun and a good chance to practise performing on stage. But the experience can be spoilt by competitors’ poor behaviour and bad manners. Make it your priority to demonstrate great competition etiquette and increase the fun factor.

Here are some simple rules to follow.

  • Always be polite, courteous and a credit to your dance school.
  • Be encouraging and embrace all dancers regardless of differences in skill level or background. 
  • Always be friendly and have compassion for others.
  • Be a good sport and congratulate the winners. Encourage your fellow competitors, but remember to be courteous with noise levels while they are onstage. 
  • There is ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind, whether it be in person, on social media, or texting. 
  • COMMUNICATE to your teacher/committee member if you are feeling uncomfortable about a situation
  • Be ready when called but don’t move into the wings until the contestant before you has finished competing and moved off the stage. 
  • Be quiet in the wings and stand well back. Remember, if you can see the audience, they can see you.
  • Cover your costume at all times if you are in front of house.
  • The adjudicator’s decision is final. Remember they are professional to all competitors so no discussion with them is possible.
  • Try your very best, enjoy your performance and have fun.